Emergent Explosive Technologies

Research & Development

DOT, Inc. is constantly working on making better products. Advancing the chemical cutter tool is our ongoing goal. We beleive that Chemical Cutters can be advanced to be used under HT/HP environment. Our Engineering team have developped a HT/HP Chemical Cylinder and was successfull in manufacturing HT/HP Cutting Heads.

Testing New Products:


DOT has successfully produced its first 2 lbs of Bromine Trifluoride with the help of our Russian Engineers. We will be working on raising production to meet our needs.


DOT Filed a provisional Patent Application for our Si-Power Charges.  A Self-ignitable Power Charge eliminating the use of a Primary Igniter (BP-3, BP-5, or GO-Igniter). 


Daniel Oilfield Tools received DOT EX numbers for our new product line. Power Charges (#20, #10, #5, 3 5/8" Compact, 3 1/2" Shorty) Standard Set and Slow Set; Secondary Igniters, and Primary Igniters (BP-3, BP5, & GO-Igniters)


Daniel Oilfield Tools conducted numerous downhole runs setting Bridge Plugs using our # 20 Naked Power Charge. The actual downhole runs proves the consistency and accuracy of the Naked Power Charge. Burn time are precisely identical on all runs. Daniel Oilfield Tools will make these Power Charges available when EX numbers are received.


Daniel Oilfield Tools is in discussion with Russian chemical engineer to help produce Bromine Trifluoride in situ Cylinder by Cylinder process.


Explosive Testing required by DOT have been conducted and reports have been filed for approval to ship our Naked Power Charge. 


Our Pyrotechnics Research Team has conducted testing on our #10, and # 20 Standard Naked Power Chargers. Preliminary Testing was  successful. Our team will be filing for EX numbers with DOT for the approval of shipping these products to our Clients. 


DOT has developed Naked #20, #10, and the compact Power Charge with no cardboard casing or metal casing. Manufactured from high quality Military Standard compositions which leaves water soluble residue and causes no sticking or rust to the Setting Tool.


Our Pyrotechnics Engineering Team has completed the development of a slow set Secondary Igniter and a Standard Secondary Igniter. Made out of Military Grade material, our Secondary Igniters are superior when it comes to quality and consistency.


DOT, inc. has developped a HTHP GO-Igniter utilizing high quality Military Grade material to give our clients the consistency when running our products downhole.


Our Engineering Team has completed the dvelopment of our HTHP pyrotechnic igniter. You can find out more by going to home page and clicking on HTHP Igniters.


Our Engineering Team has developped an HTHP Pyrotechnic Igniter for the use in industry-standard setting tools and a wide range of Tubing/Coiled Tubing chemical cutters. For TCP applications DOT provides Percussion Initiators (PI) to fit most all existing TCP firingheads.

We are currently working on LAZER Igniter and Non-Explosive BP-4 Igniters that will eliminate the use of Pyrotechnic explosives and will make it available once our technical team finalizes it.