Emergent Explosive Technologies


A Chemical Cutter is a Mechanical/Chemical Tool that is pressure actuated which severes stuck tubing/pipes based on the Oxidation-Reduction reaction known as Redox.

The process is called: "Rusting"

1. an igniter is initiated by an electrical line (wireline) which in turn ignites the Gas Generator Grain (Propellant Charge). The Propellant housed in the combustion chamber burns at a controled rate increasing internal system pressure and temperature.

2. Gas pressure produced by the burning propellant activate the Anchor Slips that hold the Chemical Cutter in a fixed position inside the Tubing/Pipe to be cut.

3. Gas pressure continues to rise in the system and rupture the first rupture disc in the chemical cylinder containing the chemical.

4. after the second rupture disc ruptures due to Gas pressure acting on an incompressible liquid, the chemical, Bromine Trifluoride (BrF3) flows through a catalyst chamber that contains an oil/steel wool mixture. Melting steel expells and preheats the pipe to be cut.

5. Pressure and Temperature reach a threshold that is higher than the Hydrostatic Well Pressure. The reactant fluid flows at a very high speed through the Cutting Head Orifices against the preheated Tubing/Pipe cutting it in less than 50 Milliseconds.

6. after the chemical reactant is completely expelled, internal system pressure equalizes with Hydrostatic Well Pressure allowing the Anchor Slips to retract due to its compression return springs. The tool is then released from the Tubing/Pipe and the process of retreiving it to the surface begins.